HOLSTERLIGHT is a proud member and supporter of IPMBA 

100% Made in the USA in San Diego, California. 

Disabled Veteran Owned Business (USMC)  
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I bought my holsterlight about 2 months ago and I love it.
When I first got it I put it through tests of curbs and stairs and the light never fell out.
I’ve been in bike pursuits that involve high speed riding and going over raised islands in the road.
The light has never fallen out!! It’s very easy to install and maintain.
Members of my Beach Team were so impressed they bought their own.
I would recommend this piece of equipment to anyone who does bicycle policing.

Steve Woodrow
San Diego area Bike Officer
Beach Team

A flashlight holder for Security, EMS, and Police bicycle patrols everywhere. Made in the USA.


I invented it.  I use it and I abuse it.  Weather your patrolling the beaches, the dark alleys of the inner city or the Southern Border of our Country.  The HOLSTERLIGHT will keep your light safe, secure and accessible.  The patented retention system will keep your flashlight in the holster during the most rigorous riding until you need it.

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 "Bottom line is this: My skepticism has been laid to rest by a product that is well built and exceeded my expectations.  And as winter is upon us and we have less and less daytime, I must admit I am pretty attached to a full size flashlight....

Mountain bikers from all over the world are drawn to San Diego County's rough terrain. As a Border Patrol Agent, I have the distinct privilege of patrolling this rural area. Screaming down the side of a mountain at 30mph, I gotta be able to depend on my Holsterlight to keep my Mag right where I need it. The Holsterlight has performed exceptionally. If it's good enough for Mountain Bike Patrol in San Diego County, IT'S GOOD ENOUGH ANYWHERE! It does it's job and it does it well.
M. Jiron
Imperial Beach Station
United States Border Patrol

From day one, the Holsterlight performed flawlessly and has never had to be adjusted! The Holsterlight is a valuable piece of police equipment that I wouldn't want to be without. Easily accessible while riding, yet secure enough to withstand the rigors of police bicycling in urban San Diego, the Holsterlight is one of the best pieces of police gear I've ever spent money on. If you're a bike cop, buy one!

Brent DeVore
San Diego area Bike Officer
Bicycle Team