A flashlight holder for Security, EMS, and Police bicycle patrols everywhere. Made in the USA.

HOLSTERLIGHT is a proud member and supporter of IPMBA 

100% Made in the USA in San Diego, California. 

Disabled Veteran Owned Business (USMC)  
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Q: My Silicone ring becomes dislodged, how can I prevent this from happening?

A: Your HolsterLight came with a packet of grease. This grease must be used to lubricate the retention system. The Holsterlight retention system is held in place with an adhesive good up to 3500 pounds of pressure, it should not come out! The HolsterLight is like a moving part, IT MUST BE LUBRICATED to continue to operate properly. Simply add more grease to the o-ring and when you feel your flashlight begin to get tight, it is time to lubricate the retention system. If your retention system becomes dislodged return your holsterlight and we will fix the problem immediately no charge!

Q: Are there other uses for the Holster Light?

A: Yes. Other suggested uses include attaching it to the Segway, the roll bars on a four wheel drive vehicle and whatever else the brace will attach to. We are marketing the product to law enforcement, but we also promote other uses for the Holster Light.


Q: Will the Holster Light fall out during patrol?

A: NO! The retention system secures the flashlight in the holster and still allows for ease of access. The rider simply leans forward and pulls the flashlight out. It is just as easy to return the flashlight to the holster without stopping the bike.

Q: Does the Holster Light damage the fork of the bike?

A: No. Before we brought this to market the Holster Light was used in the field for several months.  The bike was put through some of the hardest riding I could find - stairs, curbs, off road.  The bike has even been dumped to the ground several times in the course of patrol work.  It has never moved off the fork, out of position or damaged the sensitive halogen light inside. Bottom line, I would not sell it to other cops without abusing it first. You get what you pay for, a tough tactical flashlight holder. Each Holster Light includes optional rubber lining for the clamps to eliminate any concerns about scratching on the forks.

Q: Does it fit all forks?

A: Yes! I have placed the product on every bike and fork I can think of: Trek, Fox, Fuji, Smith & Wesson, Giant, Gary Fisher. The brace is a universal one size fits all.

Q: Can I install the Holster Light?

A: Yes. It is easy to install with the two enclosed clamps, rubber strips to prevent scratching the forks and extra lubricant tube to keep the retention system lubricated. It can be easily removed as well. The bike will not be scratched or damaged during installation or removal.