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Holsterlight was born out of frustration. Being a bike cop and an instructor for my department is truly one of the best assignments I have ever had during my fourteen years in law enforcement. The problem all bike cops face is, “Where do I keep all my gear?”

Getting out of a cruiser and paring down is not easy. I found the bag on the rack quickly filled up with tools, tire repair kit, ticket books, yellow traffic vest, keys, cell phone, etc. The other items we can't be without are on our hips. (gun, Taser, expandable baton, cuffs). Before you know it, that light weight bike is not so light weight anymore.
Our team patrols during the night. We have a bar district we patrol on Fridays, but we also patrol a high crime area. As we patrolled the alleys and dark corners, a cop’s best friend is a good flashlight. Today everyone has a surefire, mini-mag or stinger on their belts, however manipulating the light in and out of your belt while riding is difficult and dangerous. I still wanted and needed my Streamlight. Issued to thousands of cops, it is an impact weapon, door jam or window entry tool in addition to a light.
 My partner carries his in the ring on his belt. I carried mine in a piece of pvc pipe attached to my rack.

 Two problems arose…as we went over stairs, curbs or obstacles my partner’s light would come out and skid down the street. When I would pull the light out of the pvc tube, I had to take my eyes off the road or when I would put it back I had to stop, put my feet down, secure the light and move on.

One night I decided to attach the pvc pipe to my front fork. My partner was giddy with joy as he prepared his cell phone camera for an inevitable crash. He was sure it would spin into the spokes and I would promptly go ass over tea kettle into the street. However, with enough pressure on the pvc pipe, it stayed in place and an idea was born.

 The result is the Holsterlight; a tough, tactical, easy to install and user friendly solution to flashlight storage on a police bicycle. You are going to love this product, made by a bike cop for bike cops!

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A flashlight holder for Security, EMS, and Police bicycle patrols everywhere. Made in the USA.